Mascha Halberstadt & Tom Van Gestel

The series Fox and Hare is about the colorful adventures of a small community of animals in a shady forest. The main characters are slightly overweight epicurean Fox and sensitive, responsible, resourceful Hare, joined by their forest friends Owl, Tusk, Ping Wing, Brush, Jack and other unexpected forest dwellers. The main themes are friendship, solving problems and exploring the world, which will be easy to relate to for the target audience of 0 to 6 year olds. At this age they are discovering the world around them, forming real friendships and developing empathy. In the world of Fox and Hare friendship means: sharing every day life, getting into small conflicts, but above all: finding clever solutions to them.

Production Details

production: Walking The Dog (BE), Submarine (NL), Doghouse Films (LU)