Walking The Dog

System - network management


As system and network manager at Walking The Dog you are responsible for maintaining the present infrastructure, as well as optimizing it and renewing when necessary. Both in the 10-rack server room, as in the workspace. The infrastructure includes 0.5PB of clustered data
storage, virtual machines, blades, render farm, network and workstations. You also provide some IT support, streamline the server part of development on the rendering pipeline and general workflow, and makes sure the infrastructure is configured for the needs of current projects.

To apply, email your CV to tek [at] walkingthedog [dot] be




  • 0.5 PB NAS data on Windows Server2016 in Failover Clusters

  • D2D and LTO backup

  • Windows Active Directory user management and maintenance

  • Hyper-V virtual machine management (+- 25 VM’s)

    • VM’s are mostly on Ubuntu and CentOS

    • few on Windows

  • Maintenance Workstations and blades for the render farm

  • Thinkbox Deadline Renderfarm management

  • Machine provisioning and support

  • Network, firewall en insfrastructure.


  • Good communication is the cornerstone

  • You’re fluent in English and speak either Dutch or French

  • You work accurately, meticulous and are goal driven

  • You are capable of working alone, but know how to delegate

  • Problem solving and analytical thinking are baked in your brain

  • You’re flexible and eager to learn

  • Scripting experience in Python is required. Other languages are a plus (Batch,
    Bash, Powershell, PHP, JS,...)

  • You have firm knowledge of Windows Servers, and have a decent minimum
    understanding of Linux. Experience with OSX is a plus

  • Workstation hardware has no more secrets for you

  • Experience with hardware RAIDs over SAS is a plus

  • You are familiar with ubiquitous protocol: TCP/IP, VLANs, LACP, DHCP, SSL,

  • Multi tasking and dealing with variation in your job are a must have

  • Any experience with Ansible or Git is a plus

  • Experience in the Audio Visual sector is a plus

Permanent position