Walking The Dog

Roby, Toby's Fantastic Voyager


A classic re-interpreted for the big screen: nobody comes up with such unusual inventions as 11-year old Tobbi Findeisen… One day, the little robot Robbi lands at his feet after being separated from his parents when his space ship crashes. To help in their search for Robbi’s parents, the two friends invent a vehicle that can fly, swim and drive: a Fliewatüüt! In the meantime, the unscrupulous Sir Joshua and his super agents Brad Bloodbath and Sharon Silencer are on the robot’s tail wanting to use him for their own evil purposes. But even the smartest super agents shouldn’t underestimate what best friends can accomplish together!


Director: Wofgang Groos, Writers: Jan Berger, Boy Lornsen, Cast: Arsseni Bultmann, Alexandra Maria Lara, Sam Riley, Friedrich Mücke, Jördis Triebel, Bjarne Mädel, Ralph Caspers, Photography: Armin Golisano, Editing: Martin Wolf,Sound Erik Seifert,Makeup: Diana Koeberlin, Katrin Schneider, Sound, Erik Seifert, Music: Helmut Zerlett


directed by: 
Wofgang Groos
December, 2016
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