Walking The Dog

Picnic with Cake



The animals of a village are going on a picnic because Mr and Mrs Dog have baked two delicious Cakes. But once they arrive at the picnic spot... The pies are missing!

The Dutch Jury report of the Gouden Uil Literature Award said that 'Picknick met Taart' is: "A book that is both a novel, a thriller, a comedy as well as a love story."

This is also how the animated series will be set-up. Each of all the 26 episodes features a different animal character that will have it's own story to tell.

The Mice, two adorable fellows, are being wrongly accused of stealing the Cakes!

See how they are being chased - slapstick style.

The Lizard and the Frog, the unexpectedly cunning wrongdoers, would suit well in a film noir.

And the Lady Cat, how she likes to flirt! She is starring in her own romantic comedy.



Animation series (13 X 5' - Special) Directed by Macha Halberstadt, Tom Van Gestel and Mercedes Marro, produced by Submarine (NL) in co-production with Walking The Dog (BE), Tomavistas (ES)

directed by: 
Macha Halberstadt, Tom Van Gestel and Mercedes Marro
December, 2011
13 x 5 minute episodes
movie poster: 
A film by Walking the Dog
awards / festivals: 

selected for the TV Series Competition at Annecy Animation Film Festival