Walking The Dog




The story is set in an abandoned zoo. The zoo itself is inspired by the Antwerp Zoo in the 19th century and is covered in a mysterious environment reminding of René Magritte’s painting: 'The Empire of Light'. Under a radiating sunny sky, the landscape is covered in darkness.


The opportunistic director of the abandoned zoo instructs a doctor to do some medical experiments on a gorilla, one of the few animals left in the zoo. If the experiment turns out well, the zoo could again become the great attraction it once was.

The gorilla has been artificially inseminated and is therefore carefully observed by a camera during the pregnancy. The cage is lit -day and night- like a prison. The guardian of the gorilla is a devoted man. Just like the spectators, he doesn’t know this forced pregnancy with NURU is part of a dark experiment.




Produced by Walking the dog in colaboration with Baron Von Ding Dong with the support of the flamish film fund

Directed by Michael Palmaers, Director Life Action Lars Damoiseaux, Art Direction by Frederic Palmaers, Music by Guy Van Nueten, Executive Producer Eric Goossens, Creative Producer Anton Roebben

Guard by Geert Burdens, Doctor by Mark Van Strydonck, Zoo Director by Danny Riesterer


directed by: 
Michael Palmaers
June, 2011
movie poster: 
A film by Walking the Dog
awards / festivals: 

Kortfilmfestival Leuven (Belgium): Selected, special mention of the Jury

Humo Awards (Belgium): selected

Clermont-Ferrand (France): selected

Fantaporto (Portugal): selected

Palm Springs Int Film Festival (USA): Best Animated Short

Rhode Island Int Film Festival (USA): Best Animated Short - First Prize