Walking The Dog

I Love Hooligans


In I Love Hooligans we enter the world of a homosexual football hooligan. Football is what he lives
for, and his sexual orientation and love life have been relegated to the margin. It is a well-kept
secret. As a hooligan, his club is everything to him and the matches against their arch rival are the
highlights of the year. Weeks in advance, the tension starts to rise: he is nervous, doesn't sleep
well, keeps in touch with his hooligan 'family' to make sure he doesn't miss anything, he fantasises
about humiliating the enemy and makes plans.
On the day of the match, they turn to booze and other drugs, looking for excitement with whatever
presents itself. Like hungry lions they search out their potential prey: mounted policemen, fans of
the other side, and all the rest of the wimps, faggots and pansies.
Inside the stadium, there is chanting and shouting. Cheering, yelling, loosening the vocal chords,
until the ref blows his whistle and the match begins. Then there is total concentration. The game,
the artistry of the players, the camaraderie, the rhythm of the sounds from the stands: he becomes
totally immersed. This is his world, this is his life. With each nasty foul, there's booing and
cheering: "Queer. Fucking faggot". As one of the fans, he shouts as loud as the others, fully aware
of putting on an act. It is his survival strategy.
The fans club house is a universe of passion, noise and action, a separate world with its own rules
and manners. Steady now... Any sensual thoughts about men are life-threatening. In the fans club
house, this hooligans home away from home, he would be an easy target if the shit hit the fan and
they found out he was gay.
But all matches end and he has to go home again, where no one is waiting and the only welcome is
from his club paraphernalia. In this silence, this fan admits that he too longs for warmth, security
and loving togetherness. When the walls start closing in on him, football calls. It is only among his
football mates that he doesn't feel lonely. Until the end of time.
At the end of the day, this homosexual hooligan has but one dream: "To die in the arms of my loved

script & director Jan-Dirk Bouw, art director Joost Jansen, sound design Bart Jilesen, grading Reinier van Brummelen, script coach Heleen Suèr, co-producer Off World Walking the Dog Brussels, international sales SND Films
directed by: 
Jan-Dirk Bouw (NL) - Joost Jansen (BE)
March, 2013
HD 24frps
movie poster: 
A film by Walking the Dog
awards / festivals: 

(festival) animation distribution KLIK! premiere at Netherlands Film Festival 2013 (in competition for Short Documentary & Debuting Directors) 

screened at Shnit Bern 2013

Hamptons Film Festival USA

DOK Leipzig 2013

Clermont-Ferrand 2014 (in competition)

Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin 2013

Leeds International Film Festival 2013

Mecal International Short Film Festival Barcelona 2014

Bamberger Short Film Festival 2014

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2014

International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2014

One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2014

BE FILMS New York 2014 (in competition)

ZagrebDox Documentary Film Festival 2014

Holland Animation Film Festival 2014, winner of the Professional Award for Animation Film and of the Moviezone @ HAFF award

Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2014 winner of the Best Short Film award

Cartoons on the Bay Italy 2014

Go Short Nijmegen 2014 (in competition)

Pink Apple Film Festival Switzerland 2014 (in competition)

ITFS Stuttgart 2014

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2014

IX Animation Festival Animayo, Gran Canaria 2014 Best Independent Short Film

DOCVILLE Leuven 2014

Inside Out Toronto LGBT film festival 2014

Short Film Festival Bamberg 2014

11mm (Football) Film Festival Berlin 2014 winner of the Festival Award

Monstra Animation Festival 2014 Portugal

Melbourne International Film Festival 2014 (in competition)

Side by Side LGBT Film Festival 2014

le Court Nous Tient 2014 Saint-Denis 2nd Prize

Asterisco Film Festival 2014 Buenos Aires

Reel Shorts Film Festival 2014 Alberta 

Go Short 2014 Maastricht 

Canadian Sport Film Festival 2014 Toronto

In the Palace Short Film Festival 2014 Bulgaria

Cinefoot Film Festival 2014 Brazil (in competition)

New York International Short Film Festival 2014 New York

Festroia International Film Festival 2014 Portugal (in competition)

Sphinx Holebifilmfestival 2014 Gent

Anima Mundi 2014 Sao Paulo

Neum Animeted Film Festival 2014 Croatia (in competition

Festroia 2014 Sebutal Portugal

Contis International Film Festival 2014 France

Tabor Inernatational Short Film Festival 2014 Croatia (in competition)

Mercado International Film Festival 2014 Segovia

Association Ambule 2014 Avignon

Animpact 2014 China – Japan - Korea 

Fantoche Animation Film Festival 2014 Baden (in competition)

LIS film festival 2014 Lviv, Ukraine

Animatou 2014 Geneva

Queer Lisboa 2014 Lisbon

PridePictures 2014 Karlsruhe

Pleinbioscoop 2014 Rotterdam (in competion En Plein Publicprijs)

Brest European Shoter Film Festival 2014 Brest

Iris Prize festival 2014 Cardiff (in competition)

television Arte Germany summer 2014

VRT summer 2014

VPRO.TV summer 2014

SBS Australia 2014 (date t.b.a.)