Walking The Dog



In 1979, Firmin Crets was one of the best boxers of Belgium. But almost thirty years later he now works as a handyman in the boxing club “De knock out” of its former adversary Freddy White. He lives alone with his hamster who is a great boxer too. One day, Mohammed comes to the club, because he wants Firmin to become his trainer, but White will have nothing of it and denies him membership because of Mohammed’s origin. Afterwards White also fires Firmin. Firmin eventually accepts the challenge, to train Mohammed and receives help from Germaine, with whom he had a love affair. They prepare themselves for the Belgian championship, but in the final game of the competition they will have to face the best boxer of Freddy White, whom is also the reigning champion of Belgium.


A feature film by: Dominique Deruddere, produced by: Dominique Deruddere, Chris Van Den Durpel & Peter Marx lineproducer: Katrien Carton screenplay by: Dominique Deruddere story by: Frank Van Laecke director of photography: Danny Helsen, VFX by Walking The Dog, Waredrop by: Lorette Meus Make Up by: Dominique Colladant & Ester De Goey sound by: Dirk Bombay & Thierry De Vries edit by: Philippe Ravoet music by: Raymond Van Het Groenewoud cast: Chiris Van Den Durpel, Jan Decleir, Said Assissi, Annick Christiaens, Cathérine Kools supported by: VT4 & VAF


directed by: 
Dominique Deruddere
February, 2008
35 mm
movie poster: 
A film by Walking the Dog