Walking The Dog

Battle For Peace


A battle for peace’ portaits a soldier who goes to the front during
World War I. The horrors of war make him soon realize that the enemy
actually lies in war itself. The witnessing soldier undergoes a
transformation into a modern soldier and takes the viewer through
time. To him there only remains but one real enemy, the ‘modern
war’ itself and only one goal: peace.

testimony of this soldier stands as a methaphor for the terrible
cruelty of war and the desire for peace.


Directed by Joost Janssens

directed by: 
Joost Jansen (BE)
January, 2014
movie poster: 
A film by Walking the Dog
awards / festivals: 


    Annecy Int’l Animated Film Festival – Frankrijk (9-14 juni 2014)

    Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire – Frankrijk (26-28 juni 2014)

    Montreal World Film Festival – Canada (21 augustus – 1 september 2014)

    Fantoche International Animation Film Festival – Zwitserland (2-7 september 2014)

    Animated Film Festival Animatou – Zwitserland (3-11 oktober 2014)

    Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur – België (3-10 oktober 2014)

    Naqsh Short Film Festival – Bahrein (15-19 oktober 2014)

    Valladolid International Film Festival – Spanje (18-25 oktober 2014)

    Arras Film Festival – Frankrijk (7-16 november 2014)

    Cairo Film Festival – Egypte (9-18 november 2014) [TBC]